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About Peak Directions

The Peak Directions web portal at peakdirections.co.uk aims to provide support and information to help small businesses and social enterprises in the Peak District area.

The website seeks to achieve this through:

  • Signposting to over 500 categorised web links related to business support or enterprise activity in the Peak District.
  • Listing business training and promotion events.
  • A directory of Peak District businesses.
  • Provision of other resources such as useful documents, videos, news, A to Z of enterprise, RSS feeds etc.

Starting Up in Enterprise

Starting up a new enterprise or running an established business requires a great deal of information and support on a wide range of matters. The Peak Directions site provides a resource to gather together easy access to such information, with a specific orientation to the business community in the Peak area. A system of categorised links makes it easy for users to find sources of information on the web, which have been specifically researched for them.

Rather than provide competing direct assistance, Peak Directions signposts local businesses to existing support, such as to Business Link, with a particular emphasis on the needs of start-up enterprises. The website acts as a means to interconnect the many strands of local business activity and to funnel searchers for advice to the best information available, locally and nationally.

The web portal also aims to promote Peak District businesses to organisations and individuals throughout the Peak and to those outside who visit or trade with the area. As part of this the site provides the opportunity for businesses to advertise their services to one another and the local community through the Business Directory, which is continually expanding.

The signposting of commercial and community organisations within the Peak area can be expected to benefit internal economic and social activity and to attract external interactions.

Peak Directions was set up after widespread consultation as part of the Pathfinder support initiative for the Peak District Rural Action Zone covering High Peak, Derbyshire Dales and Staffordshire Moorlands. It now has continued support from Derbyshire Economic Partnership (DEP), but with the objective of becoming sustainably resourced.

Around 500,000 page views are currently delivered annually from the website to about 150,000 viewers. A significant increase in this is aimed for over the next couple of years through promotion and further development of all existing aspects of the site. New features are also being added, such as signposting to online videos for business advice and training.

About Peak Directions

The website has descriptive links that signpost support and information to assist enterprise in the Peak District.

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