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Personal development sessions and workshops for individuals who want to challenge their thoughts and create lasting life changes.


1:1 Package
This unique package offers the client valuable insights into their world and an opportunity to transform their reality. By employing just a few simple techniques, learn how to work through your issues and to move beyond limiting self beliefs. This package is the first step in creating a truly amazing future.
Face to Face with the Shadows of the Past
By re-examining our past, we discover the creation of our belief system. Take the journey to reclaim your 'true' sense of self, by identifying your corebeliefs. Learn to make peace with your past and move beyond any limiting experience with this challenging package.
The Light Seekers: Integrating Your Shadow
To find our light, we must embrace our darkness and make peace with our shadows. Any trait we cannot live with, we bury in our subconscious and then project out into our external world. Using a few simple steps, learn how to identify your shadows and bring peace in your inner and outer world.
RESPECT 1:1 Parenting Sessions
RESPECT is based on the principles ofmutual respect and self responsibility for you and your child. By changing our mindset, we can transform the relationship we have with ourchildren. Give yourself and your children the gift of an amazing future with this cutting edge insight into the parent/child relationship. This is a 6 week program that will truly transform your parenting experience.
Note: RESPECT is also available as a 6 week group workshop.
Trading with Trust: FOREX Currency Trading
Learn how to trade the worlds largest market, using the MawdsLeigh Model. Build trust with Forex Markets by building trust with yourself first. Challenge any issues you have by working with the reflection of the markets to build a new awareness and create a solid foundation of trust.
This is the only course in the UK which offers Forex Market trainingcoupled withunparalleled levels of self development. By attending our currency trading training course, you will learn how easy it is to earn more money than you ever dreamed of working just a few hours a week!

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01663 746102
20 Clough Mill, Slack Lane, Little Hayfield, High Peak, SK22 2NJ
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