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Video 24Developing Products

Development and diversification can be key to your business success. Here we see how one toy manufacturer develops new products and how that benefits his business.

Video 30Grow Your Business

How can you grow your business? Colin Crooks of Green Works describes how he grew his business through innovation, franchising and putting the right finance in place.

Video 80Product Lifecycle

Sales Director Samantha Fernando explains how an understanding of the product lifecycle has helped when developing new products.

Video 77Prototype Your Product

Using prototypes to win clients, plus tips from experts on using "minimum viable products" to test the market.

Video 29Strategic Narrative

Developing a strong strategic narrative delivers results - "Everyone understanding where we are going and why we want to get there, meant energy levels grew and we discovered productivity just shot up."

Video 85Turning a Business Around

Steve Wrieden from The Base Room Company explains the methods he used to achieve success from a business that had failed.

Video 83User-Centred Design

Sunita Yeomans, Design Manager at Argos, talks about how Argos use customer research and user-centred design in their business, and how it has changed the way the business works.


Video 113Acas' Chief Conciliator Q&A

For trade unions and employers who face problems at work which result in a dispute Acas can help. Collective conciliation can move parties towards a resolution of a dispute through the expertise of an impartial and independent third party.

Video 108Acas Conciliation

Advice about Acas' role in the employment tribunal process and how you can settle workplace disputes amicably.

Video 114Acas Difference Between Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration

Acas Chief Conciliator, Peter Harwood, explains the difference between mediation, conciliation and arbitration.

Video 110Breaking Bad News at Work

Breaking bad news at work -- the role of the envoy, offers employers practical advice to help managers deal with the emotions, tensions and difficult decisions of downsizing.

Video 31Build Relationships

It's important to manage and build strong and productive relationships. Tim Miller, Director of Standard Chartered Bank, says "It is the managers that bring alive the corporation's strategy and the business plan - through them we derive the level of engagement"

Video 38Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR can be a great way to motivate staff and engage with your local community. A business tells how through their practices and role within community, they aim to support local causes, foundations, charities, schools, initiatives and less fortunate people.

Video 111Difficult Conversations

As a manager or supervisor, being able to talk about sensitive and emotive issues is an important part of the job but it's also one of the toughest. If handled badly, these conversations - about performance, conduct or personal matters - can be damaging.

Video 19Employee Engagement

Business leaders give their views on why they think employee engagement is vital for organisations at all levels and across all sectors.

Video 32Employee Voices

Hear one business describe how it ensures employees at all levels have a voice in the organisation. "We seek participation from everyone and we're keen that everyone understands the part they need to play in the business.

Video 37Keeping Promises

Hillingdon Council talks about how it has built trust and commitment amongst employees by making sure it as an organisation does what it says it will do, everyday.

Video 115Mediation in Action

A workplace dispute between two colleagues has created an issue which is affecting their colleagues and the business.

Video 109Mental Health Guidance for Employers

Adrian Wakeling, Acas Senior Guidance Editor, talks about the Acas Mental health guidance.

Video 33Safety for Lone Workers

"Here's how we ensured the safety of a lone worker" - As an employer, it's your duty to ensure the safety of your workers while they're doing their jobs. Here one company, a revenue recovery agency, discuss how they make sure their lone workers are safe.

Video 34Workplace Disputes

Knowing how to deal with issues arrising in the workplace is key to keeping your employees happy and your business running smoothly. Hear how one business in Norwich uses mediation techniques to resolve workplace issues.


Video 26Attract Investors

Preparing to Attract Investors - Attracting investors and securing finance to start or grow your business can be tricky. Here's some simple guidance on how you can attract investors for your business.

Video 27Finance Options

Find out about what finance options are available to your business - whether you're just starting up or planning to grow.

Video 90Managing Business Finances

Will King, founder and CEO of King of Shaves, and Steve Wrieden, MD of the Hornbeam Group, talk about how they manage money in a growing business and a business in difficulty.

Video 18Pitch to Investors

Knowing how to pitch to potential investors can be key to financing the growth of your business, or even securing funding to start a new business. Find out some key skills for presenting to investors.

Video 25Taking Out a Loan

Loans and grants are possible sources of finance for your business. Here an eyeglasses company explains how they financed their growth.

Video 78Tax - Record Keeping

A small business owner explains how she keeps records essential to her business so that it runs efficiently and saves money.

Video 79Tax - Start Up Diaries

Episode one of a diary following three start-up businesses with a focus of how they deal with tax issues.

Video 35Tax Bill Help

"Here's how a business advisor helped me with my tax bill." - Find out how Will Duff, who set-up a driving school, manages his taxes by using an accountant and keeping tabs on his tax records.

Job Hunting

Video 60Stay Positive in the Face of Setbacks

Job-hunting isn't just about job-searching. Its about being mentally tough. Olympic champ Dame Kelly Holmes runs us through it.


Video 93Payment Terms in Your Contracts

Giles Dixon of ContractStore takes us through the things you should have in your payment terms - and how to make sure you get paid by your clients.

Video 94Signing Contracts

Giles Dixon from ContractStore takes us through the process of signing a legal contract.

Video 92Understanding Legal Contracts

GiIes Dixon explains what makes a legally binding contract and how to use contracts to protect your business interests.


Video 20Creating a Brand

Simon Woodroffe, the man behind the YO! Company brand, talks about the importance of developing your brand, branding, logos and the impact of market research.

Video 82Designing a Successful Brand

Tossed Managing Director Vincent McKevitt talks about how the branding of his business has helped it to grow.

Video 89Networking

Sian Sutherland of Mamo Mio explains her methods and top tips to help make the best of meeting new people and create lasting business relationships.

Video 40Profitable Exports

"Here's how I kept my business profitable by exporting products abroad" - Toy production business, RC2 have expanded their business through exporting into Europe and introducing new products.

Video 39Protecting Ideas

Colin Reeves explains how he went about registering his company trade mark and the protection and benefits that a trade mark offers his business.

Self Employment

Video 99Independent Professionals

John Niland talks about the changing landscape facing independent professionals today. Introduction to a new, free self-coaching kit for business professionals called Client-World.

Video 105National Insurance for the Self-Employed Basics

A basic introduction to National Insurance for the self employed.


Video 96Advice for Starting a Business

What three pieces of advice would you give to entrepreneurs starting up a business?

Video 97Best Practices of Business Plan Writing

In this video by StartMeUp, Dr. Steven Gedeon discusses the art of writing a business plan - keeping things concise and clear for potential investors.

Video 41Choosing Premises

Getting the right premises, in the right location, is vital for most businesses. See how one business, a daily food delivery service, chose its location based on transport connections and proximity to materials and its target market.

Video 91Setting Up Business in the UK

Giles Dixon from ContractStore gives an overview of setting up a business in the UK and the contracts you would need to protect your interests.

Video 84Starting a Successful Business

King of Shaves is a toiletries company started by entrepreneur Will King in 1993, which now has its products stocked in approximately 33,000 stores worldwide. Here, founder and CEO Will King talks about how he created King of Shaves and how he secured funding to grow the business.

Video 23Starting in a Slump

How I started a Business During an Economic Downturn - Startups can find it hard in times of recession. Here one business, which started in the last recession, describes how they survived through the economic downturn.

Video 104Tips on Starting a Business

Hear top entrepreneurs tips on starting up a business.


Video 42Farm Smart and Efficient

See how one arable farmer has introduced ways to make his farm more efficient and profitable, saving on inputs like fertiliser and fuel costs, and reducing the carbon footprint on his farm.

Video 44Farming Carbon Emissions Reduction

See how one cattle farmer uses the CLA's CALM carbon calculator to measure the amount of carbon being produced and locked up, and how he reduced the carbon footprint of his farm.

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